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Hi Christine,
I have been meaning to send this email to you for ages!!
I just wanted to thank you so much for Avas first term with you at Bulimba. She has enjoyed herself so much and has really come out of her shell. I also just wanted to add that Sia her 9 month old sister, who also sits in on the class, has amazed me at how much she has absorbed in such a short time. Sia was only 7 months old when we started but she has learnt so much. I bought your dvd and the girls love it!! Sia sits on the floor and claps her hands and rocks to the music while Ava dances and sings along. Sia has also learnt to wave her hands in the air!! I just wish I had introduced Ava earlier to your music classes as I can certainly see the benefits of early introduction to music.
Thank you once again and we look forward to starting term 3.

Dear Christine,
Thank you very much for allowing my 11 month old son, Felix, to continue to come along to classes with my 2 year old daughter, Beatrice. As you know, Beatrice has been coming to your classes for a while now and always has a fantastic time.
In the past my wife's parents would look after Felix while Beatrice had her class. However, while my in-laws were away on holiday, i brought Felix along to Beatrice's classes, with the view of only doing this until my in-laws' return from holiday.
However, Felix had a such a great time and obviously got so much out of the class. He seemed mesmerised by the rhythm of the songs and the wonderful sounds of your various instruments. In addition, after seeing how Beatrice has benefitted from your classes (she often sings the songs learnt at your classes, which really seems to help with her speech), I was really keen for Felix to continue with your classes.
Thanks again for allowing Felix to continue to come along: I'm sure he'll benefit from them, as Beatrice already has.
Warm regards,

Thank-you for a year of wonderful teaching and bringing music into Georgia & Hannah's lives. I have seen Georgia go from a shy little girl to someone who just loves Tuesday mornings and regularly asks throughout the week are we going to see Christine today! Richard is amazed that while I am at work how much Georgia now sings and she also surprises me by out of the blue singing a song you have taught her. Thank you also for including Hannah during the class - she too just loves her Tuesday mornings.

About the DVD

Dear Christine,
I am writing this letter to congratulate you on a wonderful DVD. My name is Sharmane and I previously worked in childcare, and was fortunate enough to have one of your students in my class that brought in "music makes me move" DVD for a rainy day. The group loved the DVD and enjoyed singing the new songs. I am now working as a nanny and have introduced the family to the DVD - they love it too!

Hi Christine,
My two year old daughter has been watching your DVD over and over and over again :) and loves the songs and music activities.

Congratulations on the DVD! My five year old loves it. I wanted to talk to him about something the other night but he said he couldn't because he was too busy learning the movements to one of the songs. I was happy to concede! Thanks - we love it.

About Piano Lessons

I feel so very grateful to have a teacher that can help me with pieces whenever I need it, helping me with technique (scales, keeping my hand movement very little) and giving me advice like you did on Monday about "The Inner Game of Music" for example. I felt really blessed!

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I have seen Georgia go from a shy little girl to someone who just loves Tuesday mornings and regularly asks throughout the week are we going to see Christine today!

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