What do we do in the lessons?

It is important that children are given a solid foundation of the fundamentals so that these can be extended as the child grows and moves onto learning different instruments. In these lessons, we are laying a foundation we can build upon later. Children are introduced to the fundamentals of beat, rhythm, listening and singing skills. Puppets, stories, light percussive instruments used so that the children see the lessons as "musical fun".

What ages?

Children are placed into classes depending on their age and musical experience - usually children born in the same year are in the same class. Baby classes start at 9 months.

What do I need to bring?

The children have a song book which they bring to lessons each week.

Why do we use the songbook?

Songs that are sung during the lesson are handed out, and during the week children find a picture that relates to the song to place in their song book. As the children move through the program, the rhythms become actual notation... the beginning of reading music.

When do children learn piano or other instruments?

Around 5-8 years of age, though it varies depending on the individual child. The child needs to be able to sit for 15 mins, and have developed fine motor skills to move each finger up and down individually. When the parent is able to reinforce playing the instrument at home between lessons.

How big are the classes?

Research has proven that 12 children is the ideal for a productive classroom, however music masters classes usually have around 8 in a class. Depending on the group dynamics and the age of the children, numbers can vary from 6-12 in a group.

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Felix had a such a great time and obviously got so much out of the class. He seemed mesmerised by the rhythm of the songs & the wonderful sounds of your various instruments.

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